Subdivisions & Zoning


The RM is not the approving authority for subdivisions, all applications to subdivide land are approved through the Provincial Community Planning Branch of the Ministry of Government Relations.

We encourage potential applicants to submit an “in principle” application to obtain Council’s support for their proposed subdivision prior to submitting to Community Planning, particularly if the land to be subdivided will need to be rezoned by Council.

The Community Planning website contains a complete guide to the subdivision process, and can be found by following the link below:

Form Required: Subdivision Application


 Additional Information:

Subdivision Guide – Subdivision Guide PDF

Common Types of Private Sewage Works – Sewage Works PDF





To change the zoning of a property, an amendment to the Zoning Bylaw is required.

The RM will review rezoning applications to ensure the requirements of the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw and any other Council policies are met.If the application complies with all requirements and council agrees, the application can proceed through the advertising and public hearing process.

If the application is denied, it cannot be appealed. The applicant is responsible for advertising, notification of surrounding land owners and holding a Public Meeting as required by the Planning and Development Act.

Form Required: Bylaw Amendment Application


Bylaw Amendment Fees: Bylaw Amendment Fees.pdf





Zoning Compliance Certificate

A Compliance Certificate is confirmation from the RM that all buildings and structures identified on the property have met the regulations under the Zoning Bylaw, and have the appropriate building permits.

Form Required:  Compliance Certificate Application



Zoning Compliance Certificate Fee ($) + gst
Residential and Commercial/Industrial Use $100.00