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The Rural Municipality (RM) of Britannia consists of 950.99 square kilometers (kms). Its boundaries extend north to the North Saskatchewan River, east (approx. 22 miles) to the RM of Eldon, west to the Saskatchewan/Alberta border and south to the RM of Wilton. Britannia’s main office is located in the City of Lloydminster, at 4824 – 47th Street.



Settled in the early 1900s by the Barr Colonists and ensuing waves of immigrants, Britannia became incorporated as a RM December 13, 1909. The name was derived from its inhabitant’s British colonial heritage in 1903. As the municipality grew, school divisions were put into place.


Economic Information

Agriculture, and oil and gas are the major industries, several oil wells located on this affluent RM.
The population of Britannia has grown since the first settlers came and now has slightly over 2100 residents. The population is divided between farmsteads, acreages, and the two Hamlets of Greenstreet and Hillmond.

Lower land and housing costs; a highly-skilled workforce; a diversified economy; a reasonably priced and reliable supply of electricity, natural gas, water, and telecommunications services; a comprehensive, quality education system; and a health care system that is second to none. As well, competitive labour costs and employer-provided benefits and the lowest corporate income tax rate in Western Canada for manufacturers and processors are just some of the advantages Saskatchewan has to offer.

A clean environment, wide-open spaces, abundance of raw materials, perfect environment for value-added processing and manufacturing, a competitive edge, and prime location to Lloydminster are just some of the reasons to consider doing business in this RM. Entrepreneurial opportunities are limitless. There has never been a better time to get on board!



The picturesque and wooded hilly area of the RM of Britannia offers many attractions for sightseers and history buffs alike.

Some of the attractions include:

The North Bend School was opened in 1912 and still stands today. It is located north of the Albion and Tangleflags Districts. The school was used for all social gatherings. The Hougham family eventually bought it. Mrs. Hougham wanted to keep the school so that future generations would be able to see the ‘old time’ school. From Lloydminster: 26 kms north on Hwy. 17; 18 kms east, 6 kms north, 3 kms east then 1 km north.

St. Lukes Church, Northminster. Built in 1906 the church is still in use today. A flower service is held once during the summer months. From Lloydminster: 11 kms north on Hwy. 17; 1 km east.

St. Peters Stoney Creek Church is where the first service was performed in 1908. The church was blown down by severe winds in 1912 and then was rebuilt and still stands today. They have special services (3 or 4) during the summer. From Lloydminster: 6 kms north on Hwy. 17; 10 kms east, 3 kms south.

St. Stephens Church was built in 1937 and the first service was held in 1938. The Church has been taken over by the Tangleflags Community Club and is now a heritage site. From Lloydminster: 26 kms north on Hwy. 17; 24 kms east on Hwy. 3, 5 kms south, 1 km east.

Albion Cemetery had its first burial in 1912, and to present still has plots for sale thru the municipal office. More information may be obtained off the Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project website.

Greenwood Community CentreHillmond Memorial Hall are available for rent, please call the office for contact information.

Sandy Beach Regional Park – located 12 miles north of the City of Lloydminster on Hwy #17.

Hillmond Redden Arena – Located in the Hamlet of Hillmond. Please visit http://hillmondreddenarena.com/ for more information.

 Lloydminster Fish and Game Association – Located on the SE 06-50-26W3M. North of Highway 303 on Range road 3264. Please visit http://lloydfishandgame.org/ for more information


Quick Facts


Population in 2018: 2135
Population in 2016: 2153
Population in 2012: 1734
Population in 2006: 1501
Population in 2001: 1382
Population in 1996: 1358
Population in 1991: 1332


Building Permit Statistics:

Year Permit Valuesnot including oil & gas facilities or farm buildings
2016 $5.5 million
2015 $9.3 million
2014 $10.0 million
2013 $12.4 million
2012 $7.8 million
2011 $7.1 million
2010 $6.9 million
2009 $6.6 million
2008 $8.4 million


Oilfield Production Data from Oil Wells in The R.M. of Britannia

Year Oil Volumes* Water Volumes* Truck loads (average of 20m3)
2003 1,207,935 1,904,344 155,614
2002 1,139,669 1,612,827 137,624
2001 1,463,597 1,083,049 127,333
2000 929,250 1,378,128 115,369

*Note: oil and water volumes indicated are in cubic meters