Council Members

Current Council Members & Terms of Office

Reeve: John Light Term ends October 2020
Division 1: Ed Noble Term ends October 2020
Division 2: Wilfred Jurke Term ends October 2022
Division 3: Jim Collins Term ends October 2020
Division 4: Kim Schindel Term ends October 2022
Division 5: Cory McCall Term ends October 2020
Division 6: Dale Crush Term ends October 2022

Reeves and councillors hold office for a period of four years  commencing at the first meeting of council following the election. The Municipalities Act requires the first meeting of the council following the election to be held within 31 days after the date of the election at a time, date and place determined by the administrator.

Annual elections are held in rural municipalities as follows. In even-numbered years, elections are held for reeves and  councillors representing odd-numbered divisions. In odd numbered years, elections are held for councillors representing even-numbered divisions.

Thereafter, a general municipal election will be held every two years rotating between even division councillors and odd division councillors with reeve for four-year terms.