The following is a list of the Municipal Bylaws within the R.M. of Britannia No. 502. Please note that these bylaws are subject to amendment.

To obtain a copy of a certified Bylaw, please visit us at the Municipal Office, located at 4824 – 47 Street Lloydminster, Sk.


Bylaw 13-2016-Road Infrastructure Management Bylaw

Bylaw 36-2016 Planning and Development Fees

Bylaw 37-2016 Building Bylaw


Bylaw 04-2017 Fire Fees

Bylaw 05-2017 Animal Control Bylaw

Bylaw 15-2017 Road Maintenance Agreement Bylaw

Bylaw 16-2017 Admin Management of Water and Sewer

Bylaw 21-2017 Noise Bylaw

Bylaw 32-2017 Littering Bylaw


Bylaw 24-2018 Water and Sew Rates

Bylaw 13-2018 Clubroot


Bylaw 01-2019 Noise Bylaw