Burn Permits & Maps

Burning Permits

Burning permits are required throughout the year, AT NO CHARGE. Permits may be obtained by contacting the RM office. We will fax or email a copy if you are not able to come into the office.

You are then required to contact the Call Centre listed on permit before you start your control burn and after it is finished.

If your control burn has not been reported to both parties and 911 is contacted, you will be charged by the Fire Department and any fines the RM impose. The RM reserves the right to cancel any and all permits when weather dictates.

Fire pits and burning barrels are exempt from permits.

Permits are also available thru the RM office for Fireworks

Best Practices for Open Burning 2015 Download
Open Burning Synopsis Download


Municipal Maps

2018 Britannia Map.pdf  Download

Combined Map Britannia-Wilton-Eldon  Download (No longer available in print)

2016-Greenstreet Map.pdf Download

2016-Hillmond Map.pdf Download


Maps Available for Purchase at the RM of Britannia Office:

                    All prices are subject to GST (5%)

RM of Britannia No. 502 $15.00
RM of Hillsdale No. 440 $15.00
RM of Manitou Lake No. 442 $15.00
RM of Turtle River No. 469 $15.00
RM of Paynton No. 470 $15.00
RM of Eldon No. 471 $15.00
RM of Wilton No. 472 $15.00
MR of Mervin No. 499 $15.00
RM of Frenchman Butte No. 501 $15.00
RM of Loon Lake No. 561 $15.00
County of Vermilion River $15.00
Homestead Map (showing original land owners) $15.00
Hamlet of Hillmond $5.00
Hamlet of Greenstreet $5.00