Property Tax

Assessment: As with the majority of municipalities in Saskatchewan, the R.M. of Britannia No. 502 contract with the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) to calculate property assessments, which are used, in turn, to calculate annual tax levies for both municipal and school. Every 4th year is a provincial-wide Reassessment, and this is the case in 2013.

Tax Rates: The 2015 Municipal tax rates are 6.8 mills on agricultural property, 3.6 mills on residential property and 32 mills on commercial property. The SK Government decreased the school tax mill rates for 2013 to be: 2.67 mills on agricultural property, 5.03 mills for residential property, 8.28 mills on commercial/industrial property and 11.04 mills on resource (oil and gas, mines & pipelines). Tax notices are generally mailed in late July each year. Remember, if you have recently moved, please contact the R.M. office to ensure that your current mailing address is on our records.

Discounts & Penalty (Interest): As shown on the tax notices, the following discounts apply to current municipal tax levies (please note that, effective in 2015, the Saskatchewan government eliminated the option of early payment discounts on school tax levies):

3% if paid by August 31
2% if paid by September 30
1% if paid by October 31
1% if paid by November 30
No discount or penalty applies in December

Beginning January 1 of the year following the unpaid levy, or portion thereof, a penalty of 1% is added to any unpaid taxes on the first day of each month.

Payments: Payments may be made on taxes (or any other invoice from the R.M. of Britannia) in person at the office; we accept cash, cheque or debit card methods. Payments may also be mailed or dropped in the mailbox on the wall near the office’s front door. Finally, clients of Synergy Credit Union may pay tax levies or utility fees online using their owner’s numbers as reference (note: this can be found in brackets behind the owner name on the 2013 tax notices).

Please note: The taxes as levied apply to the calendar year, covering the period January 1 to December 31 in any given year. It is standard practice, when a property sale is processed through a law firm, that the taxes owing are adjusted at the time of a property sale.

If you have questions about your assessment and/or taxes, please be advised that you have a couple of options available. The SK Assessment Management Agency (SAMA), who is contracted to place values for assessment purposes, has a useful tool called SAMAView on its website ( that allows the general public access to all individual property assessment in order to allow comparisons. Another option is contacting the R.M. office to speak to the Assessor in order to check the details of what is assessed on your specific property, etc. Anyone wishing to check on the amount of the farmland residential exemption that may be applicable under section 293(e) of The Municipalities Act is also encouraged to contact the R.M. office.