Britannia Fire Department


The Britannia Fire Department was established December 1st, 2016 and was formally known as the Britannia Wilton Fire Department.


Chief: John Bexson
Deputy Chief:  Aaron Buckingham
Captain: Shane Fritsch
Captain: Gerry Yaremy


  • Riley Bexson
  • Matthew Carlin
  • Bill Caverly
  • Blair Collins
  • Chris DenOuden
  • Michael Gray
  • Jayden Hallett
  • Dean Loerzel
  • Zack St.Denis
  • Dave Wallace
  • Kelan Whitrow
  • Nic Zadery
  • Joey Cole
  • Ricky Hutchinson
  • Ian Brett

Fire Board Members: Reeve – John Light and Councillors Jim Collins and Kim Schindel

Lloydminster Rescue Squad:

Norm Namur