Appointments & Committees

Council Committees – 2018

 Financial Committee Councillors Crush and McCall
 Machinery & Equipment Councillors Noble, Collins, Crush and Foreman
 Water, Sewer & Landfill Councillors McCall, Noble and Forland
 Budget All of Council
 Agriculture All of Council
 Local EMO Coordinator Len Anderson, Don Whiting & Councillors Schindel, McCall and Karen Collins
 Road Construction Mgmt. All of Council
 Occupational Health & Safety Councillors Collins and Noble, Duane Perillat and Marla Kyle
 Gravel Committee Councillors Forland, Collins, Noble and Foreman
 Official Community Plan/Zoning Bylaws Reeve & Councillors Crush and Collins
 Human Resources Committee Reeve, Administrator, & Councillors Schindel and Crush
 Public Works Committee Reeve, Foreman, & Councillors Crush and Collins
 Fire Board Fire Chief John Bexson & Councillors McCall and Forland
 Parks and Recreation Big Gully Park Reps Councillors Forland and Noble
Britannia Rec Board Sect. Brenda Findlay
 Sandy Beach Regional Park Councillors Schindel & Crush
 Redden Centennial Arena    Advisory Board President: Dave Sissons
Vice-President: Larry Holman
Secretary: Tasha Beauchesne
Treasurer: Irene Curwin
Directors: Rachelle Bygrove, Cory McCall, Kareen Tenney, Amber Olsen, Duane Perillat, Maureen McEwen,                                                         Sheldon Hunter, Twyla Thompson, Dionne Lindsay and Vanessa Noble



Lloydminster & District Community Futures Councillor McCall
Development Appeals Board Barbara Bright
Neil Geall
Neil Johnson
Lakeland Library Region Councillor McCall
Lloydminster Regional Health Advisory Councillor Noble
Councillor McCall (Alternate)
Municipal Health Holdings Councillor McCall
Northwest Municipalities Association Councillor Forland
District Board of Revision Steve McKechnie
Neil Geall
Steven Newman
Verne Turner
Redden Centennial Arena Liaison Councillor McCall
Lloydminster Planning District Commission Reeve Light and Councillor Collins                                                                                                                  Administrator (Alternate)                                                                                                                                             Development Services Officer (Administrative)


R.M. Officials

Administrator — Wanda Boon

Treasurer/Assessor — Bryson Leganchuk

Deputy Reeve — Councillor Division No. 1 — November/December

Councillor Division No. 2 — January/February
Councillor Division No. 3 — March/April
Councillor Division No. 4 —  May/June
Councillor Division No. 5 — July/August
Councillor Division No. 6 — September/October

Municipal Solicitors — Mike Morris (SARM)

Consulting Engineer — Clifton Associated Ltd.

Designated Officer — (pursuant to the Stray Animals Act) — Administrator

Bylaw Officer — Shaun Kruchkowski

Pound Keepers

South 1/2 — Kent Thompson
North 1/2 — Kent Thompson
Dogs/Cats — Lloydminster SPCA

Weed Inspectors — Shaun Kruchkowski

Pest Control Officer — Erin McGladdery

Dog/Cat Control Officer — Sabra Patmore